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Most of our clients originally approached us to assist them with the financial aspects of their transition.

“What is the best investment portfolio for me now, how can I minimize taxes, when should I start Social Security, will I outlive my money?” – these are important concerns for everyone, and we devote considerable time to answering these and many other similar questions.

There are, however, other pieces to the transition puzzle. For example, retirement from a life-long career can be both exciting and scary at the same time. Some people are well-prepared for the transition, but others approach it with a sense of apprehension.

We find that much of the value we bring to our clients is in discussing the non-financial component of their transition, and helping them create a game plan for managing that side of the transition. The result is that they have increased confidence in their ability to make a successful transition.

In summary, while The Brauner Company offers the traditional investment and financial services many people are looking for, we go beyond just the numbers and provide guidance and perspective on the emotional and lifestyle implications of life’s major transitions.

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